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Three Suites

Released 12/21/2011

This album collects three instrumental suites which had not previously been available, except in parts. More information below.

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Christmas Suite

You know what I hate? Secret Santa gift exchanges. I started this sequence when my wife's family announced that their annual Secret Santa exchange would be a homemade, do-it-yourself affair. I thought I could get away with putting together a CD of generally festive instrumental tunes, but as it turns out, it's difficult to meet that goal in a month when you don't have any free time. So instead, here are seven ideas expressed briefly but completely.

Winter Suite

These three pieces are composed in a more rock-oriented style which I normally don't have the patience for. It's all the pitch-bending in the guitars. Still, I'm quite pleased with the way these turned out. I'm especially fond of "Forbidden Fruit," which sounds to me like the most indefensible kind of vampire music.


I have always been frustrated by the way people interpret the titles of my compositions. More often than not, I'm just fulfilling the unwritten marketing requirement that says everything needs to have a title. And that's generally the case with this set. Eleusinia was the ancient Greek festival of Demeter, but "Eleusinia" started life as a soundtrack to H.P. Lovecraft's "The Color Out of Space." "Lindsay" is obviously named after my lovely wife (somewhat more obviously, now that you know her name is Lindsay), and the title "Enter the Storm" is meant to be a stage direction. You may recognize "Hypnos," which I reused as part of "Winter" in The Seasons. It appears here in its original format.

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