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Lightning Pumpkins

Lightning Pumpkins rival the Zen Garden Pen for title of "Most Obtuse Fusion." Essentially, this is a pack of gummy candies and a plastic tweezer containing a red LED. The gummies are ostensibly "pumpkins," but they look as much like misshapen oranges as they do pumpkins, and they're certainly orange flavored. To me this smacks of warehouse overstock: "Hey boss, what're we gonna do with all these light-up tongs? And what about the gummy... pumpkins?" However, the front of the package proclaims "NEW AND IMPROVED TONG INCLUDED", which suggests that this isn't the first time they've marketed this particular product. The package also contains incredibly detailed instructions describing battery replacement. The only problem with that? A new battery will cost you more than the original toy plus candy.

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