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Dollar Store Halloween Roundup

There's something magical about the dollar store.

It's not a good kind of magical. Actually, it's a very bad kind of magical. See, although actual, genuine worthwhile merchandise can be found there, most of what they sell is crap, and not just any crap. Dollar stores sell Dollar Store Crap: Things which in any other store would seem silly and misguided, but which are somehow a bargain when displayed in a dollar store. Ever see a Zen Garden Pen? It's a cheap ball-point pen with a plastic globe on top. The globe is filled with sand and pebbles which (in theory) are supposed to look like a Zen garden. In practice it's a pen with some rocks in it, just waiting to be stepped on and ground into your shag carpet. Taget wouldn't even stock these puppies, but they're two for a buck at the dollar store.

Dollar stores always have an abundance of tacky holiday merchandise, from plastic Saint Patrick's Day ale mugs to Thanksgiving-themed pin-the-feathers-on-the-turkey games (as opposed to Arbor Day-themed pin-the-feathers-on-the-turkey games). Halloween is no exception, and can be a pretty exciting time at the dollar store. Here's what I found:

Gummy Tongue with Vampire Teeth
Poppin' Skulls
Squishy Monsters
Gummy Pals
Big Stuff Lip Pop
Lightning Pumpkins
ZipperSeal Holiday Zips
Bag o' Spare Parts
Gross Ooze with Body Part
Scary Wiggler

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