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Two kinds of wheat cakes!

Can you guess what these taste like? Let me give you a hint:

WHEAT + CAKE =     ?   

Blueberry? No. Fire engine? No. Blueberry fire engine? No. The First Wheat Cake is like a very thick pancake filled with red bean paste. Guess what red bean paste is made from.

Red bean paste probably won't sound appealing to the American palate, especially when I say that it tastes pretty much how you'd expect pureed beans to taste. Forget for a moment how you like your beans prepared, and consider their texture, and their slightly sweet flavor. Red beans work better as a dessert food than I would have expected, and I almost wish I could buy Twinkies filled with it.

Er, wait. No I don't, but I'm more disgusted by the Twinkie than the red bean. The Other Wheat Cakes are moist, little puffs of dough, filled once again with red bean. Not bad.

Final verdict: Better than you'd expect.

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