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Shrimp Cookie

I like Shrimp Chips so I'll probably like Shrimp Cookie, right? No. No. No.

Shrimp Cookie and Shrimp Chips are entirely different products Shrimp cookie is one of the most revolting things—if not the most revolting thing—I have ever eaten.

That was my opinion of the first bite, anyway. After I had choked it down, I forced myself to try another because hey, it can't be that bad, can it? For about a week afterward I opened the bag a couple of times a day to satisfy my morbid need to repeat the unpleasant experience. I tried to drown them in salsa and French Onion Dip (individually and mixed), but it didn't disguise the repulsive flavor. I'm determined, however, not to let my $2.99 go to waste. Evil Jim can have remainder of the bag if he wants it.

Interestingly, there are visible bits of shrimp in Shrimp Cookie, but shrimp is not in the list of ingredients. Neither are natural or artificial flavors.

Final verdict:

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