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I've been saying it for years and here's the proof: Japanese soft drink technology is light years ahead of our own. Why? It's the marble. Marble? That's right. You can't see it from the picture, but Ramune is vacuum sealed with a glass bead a little larger than a marble. The plastic around the mouth of the bottle conceals a plunger. You press the plunger down and knock the marble out of place to open the soda and create a serious choking hazard (kidding -- the marble's not gonna fall out unless you work at it). A former roommate of mine describes the soda as a cross between Seven Up and Cotton Candy. I'd call it a mediocre cream soda, but your mileage my vary. This style of bottle is popular, though, so a little effort might find you some better drinks in the same type of packaging.

Final verdict: Buy it for the bottle.

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