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Assorted small candies

There's probably a name for these, but I don't know what it is. These came packaged together. Left to right, they are orange flavored, lemon flavored, chocolate, jelly beans and something that tasted to me like a combination of citrus and cheese. The lemon, orange and mystery flavor candies reminded me a little of Tic Tacs. The chocolate are like M&Ms, and the jelly beans had a gummier than usual texture. I liked that. Otherwise they were pretty average. You can get the same stuff in the generic candy aisle at the supermarket so I'd skip 'em unless you just want the pretty packaging. I was terribly amused that the box for the chocolate candy has a printed band that says "MARBLE    MARBLE    MARBLE" going around the box.

Final verdict: I loved the jelly beans and the lemon candies, but I'd skip the rest.

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