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Gross Ooze with Body Part

What's Halloween without ooze? Actually, for me it's just Halloween. In theory, I always really loved this stuff, but my parents never let me have it because they thought I'd probably stain the carpet with it (which is probably true). I did manage to get my hands on a can or two of He-Man Slime back in the day, and I can say with conviction that ooze technology (or Oozology, as I've suddenly decided arbitrarily to call it) has made leaps and bounds since the dark days of 1986. First of all, like all technology-related products, ooze has become both more compact and (presumably) more effective. The pedestrian 1986-vintage ooze came in containers at least three times the size of this one, and required clunky, wicked-awesome playsets (such as the Masters of the Universe™ Slime Pit®) to operate. Newer ooze can be enjoyed without the hassle of enviable toys, and Gross Ooze with Body Part ups the ante by giving you a little something extra. Mine was a slightly malformed nose which smelled like kerosene, but the store display assures me that everything from eyeballs to feet comes packaged with Gross Ooze. If that's not cool, I don't know what is.

Here's a video showing Gross Ooze with Body Part in action... If you listen closely, you can hear one of my old roommates in the background.

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